Twistlock Box

The foldable Twistlock Box with an innovative active locking system is easy to use and can be folded and built up again in next to no time.

Properties & Advantages

Easy to handle

  • Brand new Twistlock locking system
  • Handles on all sides
  • Mixed stacking 4300 and 6400 boxes


  • Smooth inner surfaces
  • Smooth bottom side
  • Optimal ventilation


  • Reduces transport breakage
  • For rapid order picking
  • Up to 500 kg static / 300 kg dynamic pressure resistance in the stack

Attractive & eco-friendly

  • Attractive design
  • Fewer empty transports = less CO₂
  • Recyclable multiple times


  • Flat and smooth surfaces
  • Very easy to clean, low amount of residual water
  • Easy removal of adhesive labels

Cost saving

  • Optimized inside volume
  • Perfect volume reduction
  • Can be automated

Optimal goods presentation

New Active Locking System

The Twistlock Box is a foldable reusable packaging with a new “active locking system”. This enables the box to be swiftly folded and set up again. It can be stacked with all boxes currently on the market which fulfil the ISO standard. Boxes with base dimensions 600 mm x 400 mm and 400 mm x 300 mm can also be stacked together.

Robust Design

The Twistlock Box has a very robust design. When stacked, it can support a static weight of 500 kg and a dynamic weight of 300 kg. It thus reduces the risk of breakage during transport and commissioning and also increases the handling speed. Broken components can be replaced and the box thus repaired. This increases the product’s lifespan! Although the Twistlock Box is very sturdy, it only has very little ribbing. This prevents a lot of dirt from settling. Less water is required for cleaning and the box can be dried more easily.

Optimal Protection

Especially loose and sensitive goods such as i.e. fruit and vegetables find optimal protection in the Twistlock Box thanks to its smooth interior surfaces. The model equipped with a ventilation opening ensures optimal ventilation during the cooling process.

Modern Design

During the development of the Twistlock Box, high store was also placed on a modern and attractive design. This supports the presentation at the Point of Sale!

Reducing Process Costs

The Twistlock Box is the ideal packaging when it comes to reducing process costs. The optimized ratio of useable inner volume to size of the box guarantees a high capacity utilization of pallets, roller container, dollies etc. The Twistlock Box can be folded down to a height of just 28 mm when empty. This enables large savings to be made with the storage and transport of empties. A fully loaded lorry can carry more than 10,000 folded boxes. This saves money and reduces CO₂-emissions during transport!

Material & Sustainability

The Twistlock Box is made from polypropylene. This material is nice to touch and causes less noise on automated systems than other comparable synthetic materials.

At the end of its life cycle, the Twistlock Box can be recycled and used for the production of other plastic things. This contributes to sustainability and gives the Twistlock Box the gift of a second life!

Different Sizes Available

The Twistlock Box is available in several different sizes. The product range comprises of different heights with the base dimensions 600 mm x 400 mm and 400 mm x 300 mm.

Usage Notes


Set up long sides vertically

Set up short sides vertically until they lock into place. Make sure that all closures lock into place at the four corners.


Press the Twistlock on both short sides inwards

Fold the short sides inwards

Fold the long sides inwards

Technical Data

TypesCPB 4310CPB 4316CPB 6410CPB 6416CPB 6416CCPB 6422CPB 6430
Basic measurement [mm]400 x 300400 x 300600 x 400600 x 400600 x 400600 x 400600 x 400
Usable height [mm]106166110165165220297
Version (wall design)openopenopenopenclosedopenopen
External dimensions [mm]400 x 300 x 114400 x 300 x 174600 x 400 x 118600 x 400 x 173600 x 400 x 173600 x 400 x 229600 x 400 x 306
Internal dimensions [mm]374 x 274 x 106374 x 274 x 166575 x 373 x 110575 x 373 x 165575 x 373 x 165572 x 372 x 220574 x 375 x 297
Filling volume [l]10,816,923,635,435,446,863,9
Tare [g]72387814981802184018322020
Load bearing capacity [kg]571015152020
Pressure resistance in stack [kg]200 static
100 dynamic
200 static
100 dynamic
400 static
200 dynamic
400 static
200 dynamic
400 static
200 dynamic
400 static
200 dynamic
400 static
200 dynamic
Layer height of full box [mm]108168113168168223303
Layer height of collapsed box [mm]28282828283333
DatasheetCPB 4310
CPB 4316CPB 6410CPB 6416
CPB 6416CCPB 6422CPB 6430

BOX COLOR: black RAL 9005 | yellow RAL 1003 | red RAL 3001 | blue RAL 5022 | grey RAL 7001
LOCK COLOR: red (exception red box: black locking)

Delivery units (empties)

TypesCPB 4310CPB 4316CPB 6410CPB 6416CPB 6416CCPB 6422CPB 6430
Boxes/europallet624 pcs.624 pcs.312 pcs.312 pcs.312 pcs.264 pcs.264 pcs.
Boxes/truck*20.592 pcs.20.592 pcs.10.296 pcs. 10.296 pcs. 10.296 pcs. 8.712 pcs.8.712 pcs.
Europallets/truck*33 pcs.33 pcs.33 pcs.33 pcs.33 pcs.33 pcs.33 pcs.
Total height incl. pallet2350 mm2350 mm2350 mm2350 mm2350 mm2350 mm2350 mm

*size of truck: 13,20 x 2,46 x 2,50 m

Technical Information

The Twistlock Box is suitable for temperatures ranging from 0° C to 50° C. The technical properties can be guaranteed under these conditions if handled appropriately. The raw materials used in the production of the Twistlock Box comply with the requirements of the FDA and the BGA. The suitability for specific products which are to be packaged has to be confirmed by ISOCO Plastics Technology GmbH. ISOCO is not liable for any damages arising from inappropriate handling of the Twistlock box. We reserve the right to change any of the stated information without prior notice.