Welcome to ISOCO Plastics Technology

ISOCO specializes in high-quality plastic products for the automotive-, construction- and logistic industry.

With over 30 years of experience, we continue to apply our accumulated expertise to provide the highest quality products to our customers while ensuring we stay innovative.

Perfection in plastics manufacturing

– Made in Germany


As a company with strong roots in Germany, ISOCO insists on only outputting the highest quality products for our customers. We continue to invest in R&D, high-end manufacturing machinery and the training of our workers.


ISOCO has accumulated immense experience in the manufacturing of plastic products over the last 30 years, which we translate and apply to ensure the quality and innovation of our products today.


We believe that customers always come first when it comes to business. As a result, we do our best to listen to our customers and translate their needs as accurately as possible to the end-product.

Latest ENGEL Technology

ISOCO offers production on new ENGEL DUO Injection Molding

These machines are equipped with all the necessary technologies required to produce Interior and Exterior parts for the automotive industry. The large injection units also allow production of logistic crates, KLTs, beverage crates, and more.

By providing robust capabilities and high standard machines, we offer our customers the possibility to produce larger volumes at the highest efficiency.

In additional to contract manufacturing service in injection molding, ISOCO also offers turnkey systems such as mold manufacturing.