ISOCO is the company that specializes in the development of plastic products, mold design, mold manufacturing and production of laminated and injection molded parts on 30 injection molding machines with clamp forces from 40 to 2300to.

We produce in the heart of Germany at competitive prices. Especially for the logistic-, automotive- and construction industry we offer a wide-ranging product program.

We are the specialists for the development and manufacturing of special containers and pallets with injection molding.

Our more than 100 highly specialized employees in R&D and production have accumulated unparalleled craftsmanship in moldmaking, lamination and injection molding through decades of learning, training and experiences. As a result, we are able to provide complex turn-key solutions while maintaining highest quality standards.


Our vision is to develop ISOCO Plastics Technology into an industry-leading specialist for design and production of lightweight plastic products, injection molds for the logistic and automotive industry and providing high-end production facilities for small, medium as well as large production volumes.


1960 VEB ISOKO is founded as a subsidiary of VEB Maxhütte, a large steelworks
1974-1990 Production of the QEK Junior caravan
1983-1990 Development and production of the QEK Junior 2 caravan
1990-2014 Specializing in the development and production of GRP products for the automotive and construction industries
2014 Takeover of the business activities by ISOCO Plastics Technology GmbH, specializing in large-volume injection molding
2016 Founding of the Erfurt plant
2023 Merger with Alpina Plastics Technology GmbH