VELOSIONE returns bicycle frame production to Germany

Commercial launch of the first injection-molded open-mold Carbon City-eBike Frame.

This landmark outcome is result of 5 years of cutting edge development from experts from VELOSIONE, PlasticInnovation and COLEO DESIGN. With the combination of carbon composite materials and fluid molding-technology in injection-molding, VELOSIONE is now capable of producing lightweight, very stiff frames with hollow-tube geometry with until now unseen design-freedom. The frames are 100% recyclable, and have a 50% reduction in carbon emissions during manufacture compared with the current state of the art technology.

General Manager Harald Schweitzer: “We have finally reached a defining milestone in the production of bicycle frames. With our first open-mold Carbon City-eBike Frame, VELOSIONE proves that just-in-time economical production of light-weight, class-A surface frames with very high stiffness in Germany is possible. VELOSIONE produces 1000 frames a day per mold; with a single operator a complete frame is produced in just below 90 seconds, ready for assembly with an excellent surface finish, without welding lines. With high production volumes, VELOSIONE’s production cost drastically undercuts the production cost of traditional aluminium frames in Asia, while reducing the CO2 footprint by more than 50%. At the same time, the frames provide higher stiffness than aluminium frames in comparable geometry. This is a revolution in production technology for bicycle frames. With this, we have brought back bicycle frame production from Asia to Germany, environment-friendly, and in large scales. Our plant in Saalfeld, Thuringia, today already has installed machine capacity to produce up to 3 million bike frames per year. We are looking forward to seeing the extraordinary impact this will have on the industry!”

VELOSIONE commercially launched its open-mold frame ‘CARBON ECOBIKE1’.

Complete test-bikes are also available.

VELOSIONE provides turnkey solutions for OEMs, including frame development, frame simulation, mold design, mold manufacturing, process optimisation and mass production in Germany. VELOSIONE focuses on City, Trekking, Urban and Children eBikes, and exclusively manufactures in Germany.

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