Finished New name of Isoco Plastics Technology GmbH

On 1.1. 2014 took over the Isoco Plastics Technology GmbH business operations, all employees as well as all means of production and property of Isoco Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG as part of a transferred reorganization.

The new managing director and shareholder Harald Schweitzer explained: “The Isoco Plastics Technology GmbH is now fully operational and ensures the seamless acquisition and supply of all customer orders in his usual excellent quality. A basic requirement is for us to take over the entire, highly qualified team under the experienced leadership of Mr. Hüttner work, so as to maintain the long-term quality standards and then expand.

We also provide the company with sufficient liquidity to problems in the coming years to achieve the targets we have growth targets. This shall be achieved primarily through investments in process improvements, in new production facilities and new production processes, and by investing in the development of new skills and employees.

Together with our customers, we now want to take the next step and develop the company in the direction of product development and other functional integration in our components. An important factor will be for us to invest in new production facilities, which now enables our customers to the same, usual level of quality and the production of large series. “