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More than an e-bike, more than a frame

The greatest ecological contribution to the world of the bicycle is already here, and it has the form that you can see in the images.

From concept to reality, from research to excellence, with the goal of making the revolution in the world of e-Bikes a reality.

Some factors to highlight:

  • Frames injected using WIT technology, the first to develop it in the world of bicycle frames … with an unprecedented capacity, it takes 90 seconds to produce the carbon injected frame. All this in Germany, Europe.
  • Stiffness and performance are ensured with 100% recyclable, eco-friendly, aerospace carbon composite materials.
  • 50% reduction in carbon footprint compared to aluminum frame production.
  • The Bosch CX Motor and Bosch 625 Wh battery provides an excellent bike performance experience.
  • The transmission and brake systems are high-quality components from Shimano, with ISOCO shocks forks designed for both the city and the more versatile terrain.
  • The Bosch Kiox information system will make possible for you to stay connected to the digital world through the e-bike connect application through its built-in screen on the bike. This system enables the transmission of instantaneous data and performance information as well as the on-screen GPS functionality.
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