In our plant in Schmiedefeld with 6000m² production space, we provide the following manufacturing technologies:

Mold design & manufacturing

ISOCO has more than 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing molds. We can quickly produce molds tailored specifically for customer needs.

Fibreinjection technology

Glass fibres are mixed with resin in a pistol and inject into the mold. This technology / product allows us to adjust to flexible structural requirements on the spot.

Injection process

ISOCO developed a unique injection process to meet demands for the highest quality – during the foaming process, we extract the liquid resin by vacuum, which allows minimal part weight without the loss of any mechanical properties. The reduced mold pressures also guarantees tight production tolerances and long mold lifespan.


Glass fibre mats cut to specification are inserted in the mold and laminated with resin. The surfaces will be finished with gelcoats to ensure high UV- and humidity resistance.

Polyurethane (PU) Technology

The reaction between polyol and isocyanate creates polyurethane foam, which possesses excellent insulation properties, great mechanical features,  and even has a soft touch. Our products are, depending on the application, reinforced with Polyurethane.

Cutting process

For products made by the injection process, a rework on the part edges is especially necessary. Manual cutting is cost intensive and cannot guarantee consistent cutting edges sufficiently. This is why ISOCO has invested in a fully automated, 6-axis cutting robot.

Painting process

For parts with painting or laquered surfaces, ISOCO provides painting services in our painting chambers, for all products up to 3x3m part dimensions.

We provide

  • Primers
  • Mat- and highgloss painting
  • Waterbased laquers